While there were a lot of things I’ve learnt in this module, I have two more general points:


1. I have taken the Evidence-Based Educational Method last semester. Hence, I have been taught that the current common educational practices and beliefs are not always supported by and sometimes even contradicted by scientific evidence. However, after reading and hearing more about other educational methods that are currently being practiced, in particular in Finland, I have marginally more hope that more students can experience higher quality education in the UK and other countries.


2. After reading so many blogs and comments along with attending some talks, I have found that knowing what is the best educational theories and methods to be implemented is not always clear as there are contradicting evidence. However, after the talk of validity of some of the research used in the blogs (a problem that exist not only in blogs) in our last class on Monday, 16th April 2012, I am guessing that some of the contradictions may come from the lack of validity in some research. Hence, there may be more of a need to focus on the validity of research used to support implementations.


Overall, I am glad that this module gave me the opportunity to observe more theories and opinions. I feel that knowing the contradictions is important just in case those contradictions are truer. So, thank you very much to Jesse Martin, Daniel Spencer and everyone enrolled in this module and everyone who allowed this module to happen!